We manufacture standard quality Kasab Jari used in Embroidery Work,Saree and Textile Industry. The Kasab Jari available in different color shades and weight as per clients requirement.

Zari Thread  are manufactured by winding or wrapping a flattened metallic strip made from gold, silver or slitted metallized polyester film, on a core yarn, usually of pure silk, art silk, viscose, cotton, nylon, polyester, P.P.,mono or multi filament wire. Zari threads are used for embellishment of royal attires and for embellishing silk sarees, lehenga, ghagra, appliques, and other embroidery work. This can be used for Machine and Hand Embroidery. We promise to provide premium Zari Threads at most desirable prices.


  • High tenacity
  • Colorfastness
  • Fine finish