M Type Metallic Yarn

The M-type metallic yarn is made by slice of polyester film into precise sizes, after one or both sides are vacuum-deposited with aluminum and coated with epoxy resin and colors for protection.

It is available in thickness of 12μ, 24μ and in width of 1/33″, 1/35”,1/69″ and 1/85″.

M-type metallic yarn for applications like:

  • pre-dyed textiles weaving
  • embroidery
  • velvet
  • laces
  • ribbons
  • accessories
width 1/32″, 1/69″, 1/85″, 1/100″
thickness 12μ, 25μ, 23μ
colour (standard) gold, silver, copper, rainbow and also any solid color available
put up type ABS Bobbins / Spools
packing As per requirements
material used 100% polyester